header.jpgMy name is Ally and I engage in this cosmic, cozy, comic activity with two sticks and some string. Here, I write about this process.

For me, knitting is about making peace with one’s mistakes. Knitting grafts me to history, to the stories, the yarns of others.

Knitting is about decorating myself, bailing on modern ready-to-wear fashion with its numbered-nutshell concept of the body. My knitting is informed by the people around me who I love, as well as my vision of the future. I often work from patterns, but I also design garments and these are usually inspired by narratives– be they fairy tales or a William Gibson novel.


3 Responses to “PurlyGrrrl, aka…”

  1. tori Says:

    hi i was wondering if your noro shrug pattern was available for sharing i absolutely love it

  2. purlygrrrl Says:

    Hi Tori,

    Actually it’s based on a top down raglan pattern with all neck increases omitted.
    This pattern can help you knit anything:

    Basically you’re just knitting the shoulders, leaving the live stitches for the arms on string, and then going back and knitting them, decreasing every 6th row.

    Stephanie Japel’s Fitted Knits book has a similar pattern that spells everything out!

  3. Whichypoohs Says:

    I love taking a peek at your knitting; I find you really inspiring. Keep up the good work because I LOVE it. x

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