I was so excited to knit Coachella that I ran to Liberty, determined to find a suitable substitute for Berroco suede. This is something I almost never do– buy yarn for a pattern. I have so much in my stash I usually try to just knit with what I have. I tried to swatch some silk from the stash but it just wasn’t right. So I found some Rowan Bamboo at Liberty and the manager there just happened to be knitting with it and showed me her project. A lot of it was ribbing which was causing her to “lose the will to live.” After knitting Coachella a second time, I know the feeling.

The manager’s project had this beautiful drape so I though the bamboo would be perfect. I was wrong about that. I don’t know the texture of Berocco suede but I’m imagining it a bit bouncier, perhaps more clingy rather than slippy like the bamboo. At any rate, it was much too heavy, causing the draping over the bust to lie in flaps rather than those sexy, clingy gathers.

coachella, long view

I have two tops like this already in my wardrobe– one by Lulu & Red and the other by TRAIDremade. I seriously love them both, so I had high hopes for this design.

I think also being busty is an extra fit challenge. Originally I knit the large and it was way too big for me. This time, I knit the medium. I added more increases after the hip shaping to make it longer and to accommodate my hips. That part fits perfectly, but the bust is still way too big.

coachella, side view

I did two rounds of short rows as called for in the pattern to fit a “D” cup (though I am actually a “G”). It is much too large– there’s room for two more breasts in there. If I knit it again I would omit the bust shaping.

At first I thought my gauge was off so the second time I knit it I measured obsessively as I went along, just to make sure I didn’t need to change needles. I suppose if I knit it again I might go down a needle size just for the bust portion. But I probably won’t knit it again. I’ve completely lost interest. Though if I got my hands on some of the Berocco suede I might reconsider…