Liza in the Waterlily Tanke, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.

I just finished this for Liza to take to France. It’s a pattern from Interweave knits– in Colinette’s Giotto– the pharoah colorway.

I didn’t block it.  Maybe I should have.  When will I learn to stripe Colinette?  It doesn’t look as striped on as it does in this picture.


Liza in the red sweater, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.

I knit this sweater a couple of years ago. It’s alternating chunky cotton ribbon yarn and 4 ply cotton which produces an interesting texture. I crocheted around the neckline.  I used a pattern from a schoeller stahl book I have since misplaced.

I never liked how it looked on me, but it looks great on my friend Liza, who is wearing it here.  We were at the Chelsea Physic Garden, in case you were wondering.

She’s closed it with a pin, which is a great idea because it actually used to fall open quite often.

liza in the red sweater

I knit this vest from the Waterlily Top pattern by Katy Ryan in Interweave Knits, Summer 2006. It is a beautiful pattern that is very flattering. It’s knit in the round and there’s only seaming at the shoulders. I am in the process of taking out that seam to shorten the armholes, as the top has lengthened as I’ve worn it, which is pretty typical of ribbon yarn things anyway.

I used Colinette Giotto in the leaf green colorway. Colinette is very affordable in the UK– half the price or less than what it would be in America. I really feel like I’m getting away with something when I knit with the stuff.

vest back

decorative yarn overs in the back–

colinette giotto

These are hanks of giotto in the pharoah colorway. My friend Liza chose it– I’m going to knit her one of these vests.

While I was traveling by train in the Netherlands and Germany, I knit this bolero/shrug for my friend Liza who dubbed it “The Shrug of Destiny”.

In the haberdashery section of John Lewis, we were both seduced by a Noro silk garden colorway I’d never seen before. Liza described the style of shrug she wanted– something that would cross over the bust and have bell sleeves, similar to a sweater I knit for myself out of Colinette.

Liza wearing the shrug

Here is a picture of Liza wearing the shrug– we were at Kew Gardens where all the flowers seemed to match some color in the wool.

shrug being blocked

I knit it using the top-down raglan formula, knitting extra width in the front to allow the cross-over shape which would be generous enough to accommodate the leaf shawl fastener. I decreased to make the front a bit curved.

shrug, blocked, close up

Here you can see a close up of the fashioning on the front and the leaf fastening.

When she first tried it on, it was too large beneath the bust. I hadn’t added any shaping, thinking that cinching the front would bring it in enough, but I was mistaken. So I ripped back about 20 rows and added mirrored decreases in the center back. I probably could have added a few decreases in the middle front of the closure “flaps”. If I knit this style again, I would definitely do that– or if the sweather doesn’t wear well (I’ve found silk garden sometimes loosens up with wear, like cotton) I will rip it back and add these additional decreases.

I think she was very happy with it! It’s satisfying to make something and know the person is actually going to wear it. I think it suits her very well.