R2 Fuzzy felt jumper

I love R2 Fuzzy Felt. When I knew Rowan were discontinuing it, I bought as much as I could afford at the time– ten balls of the green and a huge cone of the “red” which is really more of a coral. That massive cone has gathered dust for a while, and I finally decided I wasn’t going to felt it but instead just make a cozy jumper using the seamless Zimmerman method. It was a lot of fun to make, as the bottom up seamless method is very freeing. You can play around and make decisions as you go.

I love Teva Durham’s mock cable vest-, but I’ve tried to knit it a couple times and after having to make major adjustments to make it large enough, I gave up. This has been the way with every Teva pattern I’ve tried to knit, so I am no longer using her patterns. Instead I decided to design my own jumper which would have a similar feel, but would be all mine, and would be big enough to fit me with some ease.

I started with a sketch of the shape. I knew I wanted long, wide sleeves and a deep, square neck. I swatched the seed-pod cable pattern, and loved the way purling looked in the Fuzzy Felt. Have I mentioned how much I love this nubbly-soft yarn? It’s the coziest and has a kind of messed-up, mysterious texture. But I regular ribbing for the cuffs and hem looked pretty crap. So I swatched a slip stitch rib and it looked really awesome, and gave the fabric a nice stiffness. I used that slip stitch cable on the sides and back to add interest.

I had to knit the neck three times. Lately my necks have been too high, so of course I made this one way too low and too loose. I ended up having to rip this out and re-do it three times until it was right. Luckily, I love picking up and knitting, so this was no big deal, really.

The only drawback is now it’s getting to warm to wear! I’ll have to pack it away until fall– but then I’m sure I’ll be happy I have it.

knitted jumper close up