This weekend Alice, Kate and I went to the I Knit London day where there were stalls and a bar and music and a fashion show of men’s knits from Debbie Stoller’s new book.  She’s in the front of this photo. Later, she signed books.

The Shellac Sisters DJ’ed, seamlessly melding one 78 into another– no mean feat when you consider the phonographs needed to be hand-cranked.

The Dutch SnB table was the friendliest of all. They had amazing cookies and also had this afghan on display, knit by the man in the background-center.  He made it for his mother.

There were some stellar knitters there, too.  This is Mulaika modeling her Capecho bolero.


So Liza dubbed her bolero the “Shrug of Destiny”– and sticking with the hyperbolic shrug-fest– here is my Infinity. Named because the recycled cashmere seemed to come from an infinite cone (I knit an aran sweater for M from it, and there was still enough to make the shrug). Too bad the wool from Texere is now discontinued, as it’s lovely.

I was messing around with Lavold’s motifs in her Viking Knits, eventually becoming obsessed with the figure 8.

I also enjoyed knitting these vulvic eyes on the sleeves.

I constructed this using the basic top-down raglan formula, omitting the neck increases. After I reached the end of the armholes, I knit the sleeves, I picked up around the sides and back neck, increasing in rib every inch at the same points where I had increased for the shoulders. After I got Stephanie Japel’s Fitted Knits I realized that it was quite similar to her shrug pattern. If something in the stash matches that, I will be knitting it next.