knitting pattern spreadsheet, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.

Here I can see all my potential WIP at a glance. I have color coded ones that I would like to knit soon. I have cross-referenced my stash with an exhaustive list of appealing patterns I’ve bookmarked on the web or in magazines and books.

Never again will I be overwhelmed with the prospect of a new project. That is, of course, until the gauge swatch doesn’t work out…


stash, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.

The other day I broke down and went through all my wool– most of it was my mother’s at some point. I have a lot of it. Suitcases and baskets and hampers full of wool.

When I wanted to make something it became overwhelming to even attempt it. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy more wool for a particular pattern simply because I had so much already.

I’ve broken the wool down into obvious descriptives that are flexible– and I’ve noted whether I have a pattern in mind for the particular yarn.

Next up: pattern spreadsheet.