Capecho Shrug, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.

I finally finished Norah Gaughan’s Capecho shrug, after working on it for the last five months.

I had to redo the collar and make it thinner because the original stood up to my ears and covered my chin.

The problems with fit on this pattern were universal, apparently– it is very wide and short and of course with my generous bust that was a fit challenge. I ended up kitting extra partial pentagons under the arms and at the bottom front so that my breasts would be totally covered.

The yarn I chose– Schoeller Stahl Merino Stretch– is very stretchy. It was hard to really determine gauge and now I’m thinking maybe this was the wrong yarn choice as the texture seems to muddle the stitch definition. Anyway, I’m still rather pleased with it, even though it seems to be a rather impractical garment. It is some of the more impressive looking knitting I’ve undertaken, even though the execution is actually quite simple.


purple racerbackI learned to knit when I was 9, but I didn’t start knitting seriously until I was in my 30s. So by the time I was knitting real projects, I had a mental backlog of things I wanted to knit, and many of them were sweaters I’d mooned over in my mother’s copies of Vogue Knitting from the 60s and 80s. (Strangely the 70s was missing from her archives.)

VK 84

Probably the knitted top I was most obsessed with was this one from Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 1984. I wanted my mother to knit it for me but she thought it was inappropriate for an overly-developed teenage girl. The idea of it stuck with me all these years, probably because it was forbidden.

It wasn’t until I was an adult woman skirting middle age that I decided I didn’t really care what was “figure appropriate” anymore, and all those rules about hiding my “flaws” could go hang.

I knit this out of a highly textured, nubby cotton rayon blend with shiny slubs called Classic Elite “Believe”– I could be wrong about this name. It has since been discontinued. It has worn very well considering how often this top goes into rotation in my wardrobe.

I would love to see the knitting other bloggers actually wear. I spent the weekend looking and countless knitting blogs and it seems that everyone just knits sweaters to be worn by their floors or ironing boards!