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Favourites, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.



Favourites, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.


Salty: Three Tales of Sorrow, the first volume of the three volume collaboration between textile artist Edith Abetya and myself, is now available on Lulu.com

Two short stories, one set in the Salton Sea and the other in the cell of Marie Antoinette, as well as a series of ghazals from the point of view of handkerchiefs.

It will be a limited edition of 100. You can preview the text on the website .

No doubt many a Londoner has seen these billboards around town. Knitting has hit the mainstream. The other day I was in a pub wearing a scarf I’d made and this beefy punter actually turned his attention away from the footie long enough to admire it and say, “Why, that’s a lovely scarf.” and then with a knowing, conspiratorial wink, “I wonder who made that.”

Seriously, when big rugby-player looking guys knit-flirt with you, you know knitting has reached some kind of pop-culture pinnacle.

Kate wearing the Train Tam, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.

I knit this tam for my friend Kate– the buttons I’ve had since I was a kid– one has a unicorn on it.  It’s based on the pattern by Cozymakes.

I was looking for a pattern for a little mouse for Lemmy to play with, and I didn’t want to sew it up the middle, and I wanted it to have an i-cord tail.  Since I couldn’t find a pattern like this, I wrote one.  Here it is.

 Materials & Needles: Size 2 dpns and DK weight scrap yarn.  This pattern is great for using up those little random balls you have lying around.

Special Stitches: LILeft slanting increase— pick the left part of the “V” below the stitch just worked.  Put it on left needle and knit it.  RIRight slanting increase–pick up the closer part of the “V” below the stitch about to be worked.  Put it on the left needle and knit it.  Of course you don’t need this kind of detail for a cat toy, but it’s nice to practice it for larger projects because it’s lovely.  For more information on this technique, see Dominknitrix’s blog.


  • Count on 3 sts onto one needle using long tail cast on.  The remaining tail will be used later to sew up the head after you’ve stuffed the mouse
  • P one row (you are working flat on the DPN)
  • K1, K front and back in the next 2 sts.  (5 sts on needle)
  • P one row
  •  K1, RI, K3,  LI (7 sts)
  • P one row
  •  K1, RI, K4, LI (9 sts)
  • P one row
  • K1, RI, K to last 2 sts, LI (11 sts)
  • P one row
  • K1, RI, K to last 2 sts, LI (13 sts)
  • P one row
  • K1, RI, K to last 2 sts, LI (15)
  • Starting at the oposite end of where the “active” yarn is, slip 5 sts onto another needle, and 5 stitches onto 2nd needle.  15 stitches are evenly distributed over three needles.
  • Join to work in rounds, careful not to twist.   The part you have just finished is the head, left open so you can stuff the mouse later.
  • K one round
  • K round, RI at the end of each needle.  (18 sts)
  • K one round
  • K round, RI at the end of each needle (21 sts)
  • K one round
  • K round, RI at the end of each needle (24 sts)
  • Work 8 rounds straight.
  • K2tog all around, (12 sts)
  • K2tog all around (6 sts)
  • Set aside the fourth needle.  K2tog until 4 stitches are one needle.  (you will have 2 unworked stitches that remain from the beginning of the round.  Don’t knit them together.)
  • Start i-cord tail.  Bring yarn for the row from the back and knit the row.  Don’t turn the row, instead just slide the stiches down to the start of the dpn and continue to knit.  As you do this the stitches form themselves into a tube.
  • After knitting 2 inches of i-cord on 4 stitches, K2tog at front of row and continue on 3 stitches for another 2 inches.
  • K2tog, K1
  • K2tog
  • BO remaining stitch.

I filled the mouse with catnip and some beans and cotton balls.  The beans give it weight which Lemmy seems to like to throw around.  I added French knot eyes, but looking at them now they look more like ears.

It’s kitty aproved!

Favourites, originally uploaded by velvetdahlia.