Knitting at Parliament, originally uploaded by dansette.

OK, so this post is a bit late. Last weekend my friends Kate and Alice and I formed a team for the I Knit treasure hunt, put together by the fabulous Craig and Gerard at the shop

We ended up going around all kinds of secret corners as well as places mobbed with tourists, all the while knitting as we walked and tried to solve cryptic clues. (We realized that as right-brained knitters we weren’t that great at solving lateral-thinking puzzles. While knitting in crowds. Our competitive edge just started to wane!). A tourist did clock me knitting in front of Big Ben so it I can feel satisfied that I was actually Knitting in Public (I was knitting a scarf for the challenge non-stop for the total 4 hours of the hunt! Knitting while walking through tourist hoards! Through mobbed squares! But my scarf wasn’t that long compared to other teams– even though I’m a loose knitter, some teams seemed to be using needles much larger than the size 6’s in the rules. I’m sure we could have also gotten farther in the hunt if we had Google on our mobiles or had other pocket-brain devices to consult!) Next year I might just look for something that entails the mighty spectacle of a right-brained knitters together somewhere en masse! Flash mob knitting– that’s the ticket!

(I had many other great images taken by Kate but for some reason WordPress will let me upload them but not put them in the post. Drat.)